Lose 30 Pounds in 2 Months with the Tibetan Fungus Kefir

The Tibetan fungus or more precisely – kefir made from this fungus helps in reducing weight. The secret actually lies in the fact that kefir dissolves fat, not fatty acids, which are collected in the liver, and then converts them into fat, turning them into simple compounds excreted from the body. Eating kefir drastically suppresses appetite, which greatly facilitates the process of losing weight. It is important that the kefir made from these fungi is useful for the micro flora of the gastrointestinal tract. We neutralize and eliminate all of the toxins that are formed as a result of decomposition of food in the intestines, from the body.

There are two ways to reduce the excess weight using yogurt. One of them is to lose weight for a longer period of time in which you will lose 10-12 pounds a month for less obese people who want to normalize their weight. The second way is loss of the excess weight for very obese people, where in two months you can lose up to 30 pounds. Both ways are correct and are not harmful for the health. You can use them depending on your level of obesity.

How to lose weight using kefir made from Tibetan beads?

To lose weight, you should drink kefir daily, half an hour after each meal per 100 ml. Once or twice a week it is useful to make restrictive days based on kefir – 1-1.5 l kefir drink throughout the day. If the kefir day is too hard for you, try to enforce restrictive day with apples, pears and kefir.

Menu of the day:

Breakfast (9: 00-09: 30) – Apple (fresh or cooked) and a glass of kefir

Breakfast (10: 00-11: 30) – pear, apple and a glass of kefir

Lunch (13: 00-14: 00) – a cup of yogurt and a piece of whole grain bread

Dinner (17: 00-17: 30) – a salad of pear and apple (or grated apple and carrot), covered with kefir

One hour before bedtime drink a cup of yogurt with a teaspoon of honey.

In order to reduce the weight in this way, consume the Tibetan kefir grains for 20 days, and take a break of 10 days, and then continue. This diet can be implemented throughout the year, until you reach the desired weight.

The value of this diet is that this reduction of 10-12 pounds a month is sustainable and stable. In addition, normalizes intestinal micro flora, eliminates cholesterol, and normalizes hormones and metabolism. The result – a full normalization of the weight. Nutritionists say that it is easy to lose the excess weight, if you limit your intake of sweets, fatty foods and products made from white flour.

Losing weight in very obese people

The treatment of excess weight by using Tibetan kefir grains is consisting in observing the following rules during the diet:

  • 1 week plain food – 1 week diet – 1 week ordinary diet, etc.
  • Before starting a diet, restrictive day (described above)
  • After the first week of the diet, spend a week on a regular diet. Limit intake of goods, food starch and fat. Then again spend a week on a diet.
  • During the regular diet, stick to the schedule of taking meals on time. 6 meals divide them in the same time interval, until 18:00. At this time, do not eat anything.
  • In case of hunger you can drink an additional 100 ml of kefir
  • In addition to the restrictions in diet, you should limit your intake of fluids and during the weekly diet, do not drink more than 0.5 liters of water, except the fifth day of the diet (when you should drink 1.5 liters of mineral water).


Divide the food into 4 pieces and kefir – in fifth last serving of yogurt – an hour before bedtime.

Day 1 – 400 grams. Boiled potatoes without salt and 0.5 liters kefir.

Day 2 – 400 grams. Low fat cheese and kefir 0.5l.

Day 3 – 400 grams. Fruits (except bananas and grapes) and 0.5 l of kefir

Day 4 – 400 g. Chicken breasts cooked without salt and 0.5 liters kefir

Day 5 – 400 grams. Fruit and 0.5 liters kefir

Day 6 – 1.5 liters of carbonated mineral water

Day 7 – 400 grams. Fruits and 400 ml kefir

In a scientific research a group of volunteers has observed weight loss of 8-10 pounds in 2 weeks, and on average about 25 pounds in 2 months.

What you should know before beginning the kefir diet:

  • Start eating kefir 100 ml per day, and gradually increase the dose, until your body gets used to it
  • During the first 10-14 days of consumption of kefir, the activity of the intestines increases, which is manifested in the form of increased discharge of emissions, frequent stools and discoloration of the urine. But it is a normal reaction, a sign that it is starting the process of cleansing and detoxification of the body. After ten days, the reaction of the body stops and comes to improving the general condition
  • Kefir should not be consumed by pregnant women and people that cannot stand milk products.
  • People with increased acid should pay attention. It is better to drink kefir which has been in the fridge for 12 hours (not 24).
  • If you are consuming medications make a pause between taking the drugs and kefir for 3 hours.
  • While taking kefir abstain from alcohol.