31.Immune System Builder


33.Migraines. Using regularly is best.


35. Bladder Infections and Urinary Tract Infections

36.Thyroid Function. Provides regulation in case of a overactive, or a underactive, thyroid gland.

37.Prostate Enlargement. BPH- benign prostatic hyperplasia.

38.Stomach Ulcers. Soothes the stomach lining. Reduces the growth of H. pylori



Topical Health Problems

Using coconut oil topically can relieve and treat the following:

41.Athletes Foot


43.Decongestant – Allergy or cold congestion can be helped by rubbing the oil on the chest or under nose.

44.Pink eye. Apply coconut oil to the eye and around it.

45.Allergies/Hay Fever. Rub a little coconut oil inside the nostrils. The pollen will cling to the oil.

46.Head Lice. Apply it topically

47.Herpes. You should take it orally and apply it topically

48.Ear infection. Not only fights the infection, but can reduce the pain as well. Pour several drops of coconut and garlic oil inside the ear two times during the day.

49.Cysts and boils

50.Hives. Coconut oil lessens the swelling and itching.

51. Acne. Often the skin is excessively dry. This means that your glands produce much oil and clog the pores.

52.Sore Muscles and Back Pain

53.Toenail Fungus

54.Gingivitis, Gum Disease, Canker Sores. Rub directly on gums, or use as a toothpaste.

55.Circumcision healing. Coconut oil are helpful in the healing process.

56.Genital Warts. Genital warts vanish on their own after 2 years of the initial infection. Using coconut oil topically, can cure them after 6-month treatment.

Personal Hygiene and the Body

57.Body Scrub. Mix some salt and oil, or add some other essential oil for a better smell. Wash the mixture off afterward and your skin should be very soft.

58.Bruises. Reduces redness and swelling. Accelerates the healing process. Apply directly to bruise.

59.Bug Bites. Speeds the healing process. Reduces burning sensation and itching. Apply directly on affected area.

60.Dandruff. Oil secretion is a common cause of dandruff. Coconut oil reduces it while moisturizing the scalp, alleviating dandruff symptoms.

61.Burns. Promotes healing and prevents scars. Apply immediately on burn. Keep using it until it is better.

62.Swimmer’s Ear. Mixing coconut and garlic oil, then pouring just a few drops in the ear and leaving them for 10 minutes can help. Repeat 2 or 3 times a day. A few days it should be better.

63.Skin Conditions. Provides relief in the case of eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis.

64.Wrinkle Prevention and reduction. Rub coconut oil on wrinkles and sagging skin. This strengthens connective tissues and rejuvenates skin.

65.Chapstick. Rub coconut oil on lips. This softens them and protects them. It has an SPF of around 4.

66.After Shave. Coconut oil heals the skin after shaving. It will not clog the pores either.

67.Deodorant. Use it as a deodorant and it provides even better effects when you combine it with baking soda and cornstarch/arrowroot powder.

68.Hair conditioner/ Deep Treatment. Applying a teaspoon of this oil to the ends of hair and through the hair with your fingers, helps greatly. Also use it as a leave-in hair conditioner. For the deep treatment, rub a tablespoon of onto the dry scalp. Rub a bit in the hair ends. Put a shower cap on, then leave it on overnight.

69.Diaper Salve. No chemicals so it is safe for a rashy butt.

70.Eye cream. Apply some coconut oil on the eyelids at night. To reduce wrinkles, bags and puffiness, apply it under the eyes.

71.Age Spots. Apply some oil directly to the age spot, and it should fade.

72.Baldness. Make a mix of thyme, rosemary, coconut oil, lavender, cedarwood, Grapeseed/ castor oil, a little cayenne pepper and jojoba oil. Then apply this mixture at bedtime or three times during the day. Massage the area. This supports cell regeneration.

73.Face Wash/ Soap. Mix coconut oil with almond oil, olive oil, castor oil and avocado oil in equal amounts and use the mixture to wash your face. Do this instead of using soap. Rub it in then leave it on the face for 2 minutes. Then wash it off and pat it dry.

74.Hair Gel/ Defrizzer. Rub a bit coconut oil between the palms and finger comb. If hair is curly, scrunch into the hair on the ends.

75.Lubricant. It’s safe on it’s own, but it’s not compatible with latex. Use it for a natural, safe personal lubricant for both sex and masturbation.

76.Massage Oil. Get some coconut oil and rub it in. Great for massages.

77.Healing. Apply coconut oil on the cuts and scrapes as it will create a thin chemical layer. This will prevent viruses, bacteria, and dust from collecting, while speeding up the healing process as it repairs the tissues which have been damaged. Plus it has a great smell!

78.Cradle Cap. Nourishes the baby skin and helps you get rid of cradle cap. Rub some on the scalp on a daily basis.

79.Nipple Cream. Nourishes sore, cracked and dry nipples. Apply oil on a cotton ball, then leave on affected areas between feedings.

80.Sunscreen. Has an SPF of around 4.

81.Pre-Shave. Will prepare the skin for the upcoming damage that can happen when you shave regularly.

82.Makeup Remover. Take some oil and dab with a cotton swab. It will remove makeup, then leave your skin soft and radiant looking.

83.Stretch Marks. Nourishes damaged skin and can reduce stretch marks.

84.Moisturizer. Applying some coconut oil to the body and can effectively moisturize it.

85.Sun Burn Relief. Take some oil and rub into the affected areas. It will relieve the red, burning skin.

86.Tattoo Healing and Moisturizer. Regular use of coconut oil will preserve your ink and prevent fading of the pigment. It also accelerates the healing process, while prevents infections from occurring.

87.Toothpaste. Mixing some coconut oil with baking soda, then using this to brush your teeth can make an effective toothpaste.

88. Acne Skin Fix. Applying a bit of coconut oil underneath makeup, or even alone can reduce the stimulation of the oil gland. The skin, susceptible to acne, may be too dry. This indicates that the gland excessively produces oil, meaning the pores will clog up and cause acne.

General Health and Wellness

89.Digestion. The saturated fats control fungi and parasites that lead to indigestion and other digestion issues. IBS or irritable bowel syndrome being one of them. Helps also with the absorption of minerals, vitamins and amino acids.

90.Breastfeeding. Regularly take 3 ½ tablespoons of this oil in order to enhance the milk supply if you are breastfeeding.

91.Insulin Support. Stimulates the secretion of insulin and the use of blood glucose. Great for diabetics and non-diabetic.

92.Bones and Teeth. Helps absorption of magnesium and calcium.

93.The absorption of vitamins and nutrients. Makes vitamin D, E, A and K more available to the body.

94.Fitness. Proven to support the function of the thyroid, thus boosting metabolism, increasing energy levels, and overall reducing fat while increasing muscle.

95.Stress Relief. Apply to the head in circular motion through massage. The aroma itself is relaxing and soothing, leading to much less stress.

96.Weight loss. The saturated fats actually prevent food cravings and thus in turn will promote weight loss.

97.Gum Health. Oil pulling is hugely effective for treatment of gum infections and disease.

98.Lung Function. Raises the fluidity of cell surfaces.

99.Mental Cognition and Productivity. MCT’s freely pass the blood-brain barrier, thus represent an alternate energy source to enhance cognition.

100. Nausea. Rub a bit on the inside of your wrist and forearm. This should help relieve an upset stomach.

101.Nose bleeds. It effectively prevents prevent nose bleeding, due to weather sensitivity. Once the nasal passages dry due to the dry air or the cold air, they can cause cracks and burns. These then cause cracks in the mucus membrane. By applying oil to the nostrils, it will strengthen and protect the capillaries that exist in the nasal passages.

Pets/ Animals

For every 10 pounds your pet weighs, ¼ teaspoon is recommended, twice a day, but a vet should also be consulted first.

102.Clears up skin conditions such as: itchy skin, eczema, contact dermatitis and flea allergies

103.Helps in the case of ligament issues and arthritis.

104.Alleviates allergic reactions and promotes skin health.

105.Prevention and treatment of yeast and fungal infections such as candida.

106.Promotes general wellness of your cats and dogs. Add a teaspoon of coconut oil to their water every day.

107.Reduces cough and hairballs.

108.Accelerates healing process of wounds while it disinfects cuts.

109.Supports healing when you apply it topically to wounds, cuts, hot spots, stings, bites, dry skin and hair.

110.Provides energy in the case of sedentary dogs. The MCT’s can enhance brain energy metabolism, reducing the accumulation of amyloid protein which can cause brain lesions in older dogs.

111.Boosts digestion and helps the absorption of nutrients.

112.Helps the healing of digestive disorders, like colitis and inflammatory bowel syndrome.

113. Regulation and balancing of insulin and enhancement of the function of the thyroid.

114. Reduces or gets rid of bad breath in dogs.

115.Enhances coats. Can deodorize the odor of you dog and give a glossy coat.

116. Prevents or controls diabetes.

117.Increases energy and promotes weight loss.

Additional Uses:

118.Polishing Bronze. Rubbing some coconut oil on a cotton towel, then wiping down bronze can deepen the bronze color.

119. Insect repellent. Mixing peppermint extract and some coconut oil, then rubbing the mix on exposed skin can avoid bug attacks.

120.Seasoning cookware.

121.Oiling wood bowls and wood cutting boards.

122.Goo Gone. Mixing baking soda and coconut oil in equal amounts, then this will create a paste that you then can apply to the sticky spots, leaving it on there for a minute and then scrubbing off with sponge.

123.Make a soap. Instead of other fats use coconut oil to make all natural soaps.

124.Chewing Gum in Hair Remover. Rubbing a little oil over the gum stuck in your hair and leaving for 30 minutes, then you can roll the gum between fingers and get it out.

125.Polish Furniture. Mixing coconut oil with lemon juice can polish wood furniture effectively.

126.Use it to clean and moisturize the leather products.

127.Seasoning animal hide drums.