Best Natural Cure for Your Liver

For centuries, since there the production of milk and cheese, among the people there is the use of whey. Whey is a by-product of cheese production. Organized industrial production of whey was started in the forties of the twentieth century. Throughout history, the grandmother of our grandmothers used whey as a medicine.

What you might have heard, and what is in people very well known for centuries is that whey is the best natural remedy for liver. Whey is used in all liver problems including fatty liver, damaged liver due to viral diseases (hepatitis, jaundice), liver which is swollen, and especially the liver burdened with excessive alcohol consumption, fatty and unhealthy foods. Whey stimulates regeneration of the liver. The therapy with whey is carried out over a longer period by daily consumption of at least half a liter and preferably more whey. Whey will contribute to regeneration, cleaning, and recovery of the diseased liver if persistently and regularly used. Of course it is very important to stop the harmful activity and nutrition that continue to destroy the liver, such as alcohol, very fatty food and processed foods and other harmful substances. With whey, for liver problems it is desirable to use a combination of cheese for breakfast on an empty stomach, because then the effects are the best.

Whey can also help in weight loss because it contains a multitude of proteins that increase muscle mass and give a feeling of fullness with small amount of calories.

The whey remains the best and most valuable ingredients of milk and vitamins B and E, minerals and milk sugars which are responsible for the construction of fine and delicate connections in the brain.

The modern lifestyle causes many people to be constantly under stress. Whey is the ideal potion for this problem. The reason is that in our body, whey causes the secretion of serotonin (hormones of pleasure) from whom you feel good.

Whey is recommended for constant feeling of fatigue, especially cramps and muscle pain caused by physical exertion. Whey prevents osteoporosis, removes plaque on the teeth and prevents tooth decay. In addition to these benefits of whey for decades as an effective folk remedy, it is recommended to people who have problems with high cholesterol levels and have been controlling it with medication and nutrition. Almost all people are fully regulated by elevated cholesterol and triglycerides after a few weeks of regular use.

What is particularly interesting for younger and physically active people is the fact that the whey can be used as a natural source of amino acids that are metabolized in muscle tissue in exercises in building form and constitution of the muscle. People who are engaged in exercises (body building, aerobics, etc.) will establish muscle mass better and faster, as well as recover your body after exertion. For this reason, protein powdered whey intended for body builders is increasingly appearing on the market.

The list of benefits of whey is doesn’t end here. If you have a problem with bloating, irregular bowel movements, indigestion, colitis or chronic inflammation of the intestines, you need to reach out for the regular use of whey.

Studies have shown that whey contains immunoglobulins and lactoferrin which play an important role in preventing inflammation in the complete organism. Internal infections are a major cause of cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Whey raises immunity and strengthens the general resistance and is found in most formulas of new sports and immune supplements, and as the basis of a formula for feeding babies.

New Western studies have shown that whey plays a significant role in the protection, health and regeneration of the complete bowel and particularly the colon.

Whey is completely safe, gentle and natural beverage that you can use without fear. It contains live bacteria and in some cases may cause diarrhea if indigested in large amounts which is a rare case. People who are allergic to dairy products are the only ones that should avoid it.

We recommend the use of 0.5 liters to a maximum of one liter per day in case of ordinary liquid whey. You can drink it on an empty stomach in the morning but you will not go wrong if you drink it several times during the day. Domestic whey can be found on most markets and market vendors, dairy products and in most supermarkets in the departments of dairy products. Many opt for making whey in their homes.

There are several recipes for it and we bring you the following:

In a pot pour 1 liter of fresh milk and place it on the stove until it starts boiling. Then add the juice of one or two lemons and mix and you will quickly notice the formation of cheese and liquid. This liquid is whey. Strain through a cheesecloth or a small strainer and you’ve got cheese and whey.

Alternatively, boil a liter of fresh cow or goat milk and leave it to cook at a lower temperature, for several minutes. After that, instead of lemon juice, add a pint of buttermilk or yogurt and mix until the cheese starts separating. Leave it to rest for a bit and seep thus you get cheese and whey.

Whey contains valuable minerals: sodium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, cobalt, manganese, molybdenum, vitamins, amino acids and proteins, thereby not having a lot of calories.