5 Plants For Your Bedroom To Help You Sleep Better

The plants in the house do not only serve as decorations, but they are also useful for our health. Remember that they filter the air and provide oxygen in the air we breathe. That is why we should opt for the right plants to place in our bedroom and sleep better.

This list gives the best five plants that improve the night’s sleep.


You are familiar with the fact that lavender is widely used in the production of shampoos, soaps, scented clothes and so forth. Maybe you are less familiar with the fact that lavender is excellent for treating anxiety and insomnia. Inhaling the lavender smell provides soothing, sedating effects and that is why it is very beneficial for us to inhale the fragrance from lavender plants, especially while we sleep and before sleeping.

Aloe Plant

Not only for soothing scars, burned skin and inflammations, aloe is also great for body detoxification. Having it in your home also offers many benefits, including eradicating chemicals from the cleaning agents that pollute the air you breathe, cleansing the air in the bedroom and in the whole house. This plant works as a harmful chemicals detector, because once the amount of these dangerous chemicals in your home becomes high, brown spots appear on this plant and thus it informs you and warns you about the seriousness of the situation.


One of the plants confirmed to be efficient and beneficial in helping you sleep better in a natural way. It has numerous positive properties: it decreases the level of anxiety, improves the quality of your dream and the mood upon wakening. It also strengthens the features of your bedroom.

Snake plant

This plant purifies the air in your home and provides huge amounts of oxygen. This makes it highly recommended to be part of your home. The production of oxygen happens especially at night time, a process that requires taking in of carbon dioxide at the same time, a product of our breathing, and this makes it ideal for your bedroom. You will always have something to purify the air you breathe while you sleep.

English Ivy

We can almost say that this plant is the best for air purification, because it is the plant that absorbs the greatest levels of formaldehyde. It is very simple and easy to grow English ivy in your home, since it does not require too much sun light, and it survives in moderate temperature. Last, but not least, the English ivy is the best plant you should keep in your bedroom that will improve your sleep.